Meet Our Management

James Smith

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The leader behind AZ Online Pulse’s success – our CEO, James Smith, the driving force behind AZ Online Pulse. With years of experience in the industry, James’s leadership and vision have propelled our company to new heights. you can easily search about him on Google and see for yourself.

Olivia Johnson

Executive Director (ED)

Meet our Executive Director, Olivia Johnson, a key member of the AZ Online Pulse team. With years of experience in the industry, Olivia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. Her leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving our success.

Ethan Brown

Chief Medical Billing Officer

Our Medical Officer, Ethan is responsible for ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of medical billing services. He oversees our team of experienced professionals, using his strategic approach and attention to detail to maximize revenue and minimize errors for our clients.

Liam Johnson

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Introducing our Chief Technologhy Officer, Liam Johnson - the driving force behind our cutting-edge technological solutions. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for emerging trends, Liam has been instrumentak in developing and implementing advanced strategies to drive our organization forward.

Oliver Davis

Chief SEO Officer

Our Chief SEO Officer, Oliver is responsible for developing and implementing our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, ensuring that our clients websites rank high in search results and drive traffic to their sites.

Noah Williams

Chief Operating Office (COO)

Meet our Chief Operating Officer, Noah Williams, the driving force behind our operational excellence. With extensive experience in managing complex operations and a proven track record of succes, Noah has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of our organization.

Meet Our Team

Emma Smith

Content & Assignment Writer

Emma is a Gold Medalist in Content Writing. She is a skilled content writer with over 3 years of experience in the industry. She graduated with a degree in English Literature and began her career as a freelance writer, producing articles and blog posts for a range of clients in various niches.

Charlotte Brown

Human Resource Expert

Charlotte Brown is an individual with a dynamic and versatile educational and professional background with a 5 years’ experience in the fields of Research & Analysis, Career Counselling, Administration and Management. She is highly innovative, conscientious.

Michael Peterson

Cold Calling

Michael is an experienced HR/Talent Recruiter with a background in Call Center operations. Michael is dedicated to finding the best candidates for teams. His expertise in recruitment and call center operations ensures that he understands the unique needs of organizations.

Ava Williams

Cold Calling And Customer Service Specialist

Ava Williams specializes in customer service and cold calling, bringing exceptional communication skills to the table. Her ability to build strong relationships with clients is an asset to the company. Moreover, her versatile skill set includes lead generation&social media management.

Sophia Davis

Graphic Designer

Sophia is a graphic designer. She create Original Logo Design, Branding for Your Business! Illustration is her companion. She guarantee high-quality work meeting deadlines. She is a qualified and talented graphic designer with more than four years of experience.

Farrukh Hammad

Danniel Harrison

Dr Daniel Harrison is a graduate of DVM ( Doctor of Veterinary Medicines) , and a content writer for 2 years. Being a writer, he has written articles, blogs, and assignments on various domains.

William Anderson

Python Developer

William Anderson Python Developer and Business reputation Expert. Firm grip in web scraping, data mining, web automation, script development and Business Reputation management.

Henry Martinez

WordPress & Web Development

Henry Martinez is a wordpress & website developer. He can customize website design, style and business vision. He has a professional background with 2 years experience in the fields of web development.

Amelia Anderson

Direct Response Copyright

Amelia is a professionally trained copywriter, who crafts irresistible copy that instantly converts. She help to making businesses successful, consistent, strong, and targeted. She produce copy that speaks to your audience, attracts clients, and generates sales. So let’s skyrocket your business with magic of words.