Project Description

Mega Promocial’s Calling Campaign for Cleaning Services

Mega Promocial’s Approach:

  1. Lead List Compilation:
    • Compiled an extensive and targeted list of 3000 restaurants in the Los Angeles area.
    • Verified contact details and operational information to ensure precision in cold calling.
  2. Call Script Development:
    • Crafted a persuasive script focusing on the unique benefits and quality of the cleaning services offered by the client.
    • Emphasized the importance of a clean and sanitary environment for restaurants.
  3. Dedicated Calling Team:
    • Assembled a dedicated team of cold calling experts with experience in promoting services to businesses.
    • Provided training on effective communication and objection handling to maximize success rates.
  4. Appointment Setting:
    • Integrated an appointment-setting strategy to schedule follow-up meetings or service demonstrations for interested restaurants.
    • Ensured seamless coordination between the calling team and the client’s sales representatives.
  5. Real-Time Data Management:
    • Implemented a real-time data management system to track responses and categorize leads.
    • Enabled quick adjustments to the calling strategy based on ongoing feedback and lead categorization.

Mega Promocial successfully completed 100 hours of dedicated cold calling, reaching out to 3000 restaurants in Los Angeles. The campaign resulted in a substantial number of interested restaurants, with a significant percentage agreeing to follow-up appointments or service demonstrations. The real-time data management system played a pivotal role in identifying and prioritizing high-potential leads.


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