Project Description

Mega Promocial’s Calling Campaign for Lemontree

Mega Promocial’s Approach:

  1. Lead List Compilation:
    • Compiled a comprehensive list of food pantries in the Los Angeles area for targeted outreach.
    • Verified contact details and operational information to streamline the cold calling process.
  2. Call Script Development:
    • Crafted a compelling and concise script to communicate the purpose of the call and gather relevant information.
    • Ensured the script resonated with the sensitive nature of food pantry operations.
  3. Dedicated Calling Team:
    • Assembled a dedicated team of cold calling experts with experience in community outreach.
    • Provided training on effective communication and active listening to gather accurate data.
  4. Real-Time Data Management:
    • Implemented a real-time data management system to track and record responses from food pantries.
    • Facilitated quick decision-making and adjustments to the calling strategy based on ongoing feedback.
  5. Quality Assurance:
    • Conducted regular quality checks on calls to ensure adherence to the script and maintain a professional tone.
    • Addressed any challenges or concerns raised during the calling process promptly.

Mega Promocial successfully completed 500 hours of dedicated cold calling, contacting 500 food pantries in Los Angeles. The campaign not only confirmed and updated food distribution timings but also fostered positive relationships within the local community. The real-time data management system allowed for quick decision-making, resulting in a highly efficient and impactful campaign.


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