Project Description

Mega Promocial’s Lead Generation for Ecommerce Business

Lead Sourcing:
Utilized the advanced capabilities of “BuiltWith” to filter and identify online stores operating on the Shopify platform in English-speaking countries.
Employed systematic software analysis to ensure a comprehensive list of potential leads.

Applied stringent criteria specified by the client to verify the suitability of each identified store.
Ensured that the selected businesses aligned with the client’s objectives, considering factors like industry relevance and current use of the Shopify platform.

Decision Maker Identification:
Leveraged LinkedIn to prospect decision-makers within the target companies.
Conducted strategic outreach to key individuals responsible for ecommerce strategy and decision-making.

Email Validation:
Utilized cutting-edge tools such as NeverBounce and to validate email addresses.
Ensured the accuracy of contact information, minimizing the risk of bounced emails and maximizing campaign deliverability.

Result of the Project:
The client, Charbel Boulous, executed a targeted email campaign and successfully built a sales funnel based on the meticulously generated leads. The high email validation score played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success, yielding an impressive 10% response rate.

Mega Promocial’s approach to ecommerce lead generation exemplifies the agency’s commitment to precision, innovation, and client success. This case study highlights the tangible results achieved through meticulous strategy implementation and the utilization of cutting-edge tools.


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